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IQ Global is the adult learning branch of IQBar Ltd, an established provider of online English courses and teaching.
The professionals at IQBar and IQ Global have extensive experience in education. We are dedicated to making online English learning available to all.



At A1 you can learn to:

  • Giving basic
    information about yourself.

  • Understand some everyday phrases.

  • Use basic  vocabulary and grammar you need to get started.

Coming Soon

At A2 you can learn  to:

  • Communicate about familiar topics.

  • Use simple and continuous tenses.

  • Talk about yourself and your background.

  • Expand your

At B1 you can learn to:

  • Use more complex grammar and vocabulary.

  • Talk about yourself, your interests and dreams for the future.

  • Prepare for Cambridge Exams and IELTS.


At B2 you can learn to:

  • Use academic English or English for the workplace.

  • Understand the main ideas of complex texts and discussions.

  • Prepare for Cambridge Exams and  IELTS. 

Coming Soon

At C1 you can learn to:

  • Express yourself fluently and in a spontaneous manner.

  • Prepare for Cambridge Exams and IELTS.

  • Prepare for further studying in English.

Coming Soon
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