Four Types of Determiner That Will Improve Your English!

What does it mean to be ‘good at’ English? Usually, it means knowing enough vocabulary and how to use it (grammar) to make yourself understood by an English speaker. Due to globalisation, good English skills are useful for travel and essential for doing business. People will understand you better if you can ‘paint a picture’ using the right words. In English, certain words help us to describe our ideas and paint a mental picture about something, someone, or somewhere. These words are known as determiners.

In this blog, we will show some useful determiners to help improve your English.

Firstly, what are determiners?

Determiners are words that give readers or listeners more information about an object or an idea. There are two main types of determiners in the English language:

1. General determiners are used to talk about anything that does not need a definite article (the). Some general determiners tell us about the quantity of the noun. Examples of these determiners are a and an.

“Is that an olive tree over there?”

General determiners like some, many, much work well with uncountable nouns –

“I’ll get some milk while I’m at the shop”.

“I have too much homework.”

2. Specific determiners use the definite article (the) or show ownership, using words like his/hers, mine and your.

“I’m going to the Eiffel Tower this summer.”

“Is that your new girlfriend on Facebook?”

Returning to the title of this blog, which determiners can help improve your English? Four different types of determiners come to mind! We have mentioned