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Halloween Parties

With Halloween just around the corner, we look at the top 5 types of parties to celebrate Halloween. 🎃

1. Murder mysteries

Murder mysteries normally consist of 8 guests at a dinner party. Each guest is given a role they must play And a scene is set. One guest is secretly chosen as the murderer and all players must try to work out who it is, while the murderer tries to trick them so they are not caught!

2. Haunted house

Some people decorate their houses and design spooky activities for people to undertake, such as wrapping a mummy in bandages or picking worms out of the witches cauldron. There are also professional haunted houses, including super scary ones for adults.

3. Fancy dress disco

Venues such as nightclubs and pubs will hold fancy dress discos, where people dress up as a scary monster or horror movie character. There are often prizes for the best costume and famous spooky themed songs are played, such as the ‘monster mash’ and ‘ghost town’.

4. Zombie crawl

A Zombie crawl is where large groups of people gather and dress as zombies. They then parade through the town centre so that people can see their costumes. This is often done to raise money for charity.

5. Movie marathon

Cinemas show classic scary movies, often with late showings, and people can watch dressed up as the characters. Some favourites include Nightmare on Elm Street, Hocus Pocus and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Will you be having a Halloween party? We hope you have enjoyed this blog. As always, you will progress more by reading, listening and practising your English so make sure you check out IQ Global for free resources and our YouTube channel. See you next time!

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