How can I introduce myself in a business interview?

Imagine this:

You've applied for your dream job and received that amazing phone call to say you have been invited for an interview. Or perhaps, you've applied for your first job. In both situations, first impressions at an interview are going to help you get the job you want. First impressions are the way others see you when they meet you for the first time. Most people agree that the way you dress, speak and act are important in creating a good first impression. Also, studies have shown that people decide a lot about you in the few minutes of meeting; this is why introductions are very important.

The team at IQ Global have put together some of the main things you should learn to present a confident introduction in English:

Before you apply.

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It's a fact that improving your general English will help you to communicate confidently in lots of situations. You have been chosen! What next?

Let’s have a look at ways to create a good first impression in an interview.