How to attract Fae to your garden (and brownies to your home).

In the UK, even today, people have a lot of interest in magical beings like pixies, faeries, and brownies. The collective phrase for faeries (fairies), pixies and sprites is Fae Folk. Brownies a slightly different but they have been linked to Fae Folk.

All magical beings can be helpful or not, so it is useful to know two things:

· How to invite them into your space and benefit from their magic. · What makes them angry! (We’ll provide some Do’s and Don’ts later).


Firstly, let’s discover the how to attract faeries and pixies to your garden.

1. Fun fact: faeries love baked foods! All Fae have what’s called a ‘sweet tooth’, meaning they prefer sweet tasting foods. If you want to attract Fae to your garden, leave them a gift outside.

These foods will attract Fae:

Milk and honey

Cake or cookies

A little butter or cream

2. Fae can’t resist anything shiny, colourful or glittery, so it helps if you place your faery gifts on decorated plate or in a colourful bowl.

3. Fae have some favourite flowers,