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How to attract Fae to your garden (and brownies to your home).

In the UK, even today, people have a lot of interest in magical beings like pixies, faeries, and brownies. The collective phrase for faeries (fairies), pixies and sprites is Fae Folk. Brownies a slightly different but they have been linked to Fae Folk.

All magical beings can be helpful or not, so it is useful to know two things:

· How to invite them into your space and benefit from their magic. · What makes them angry! (We’ll provide some Do’s and Don’ts later).

Firstly, let’s discover the how to attract faeries and pixies to your garden.

1. Fun fact: faeries love baked foods! All Fae have what’s called a ‘sweet tooth’, meaning they prefer sweet tasting foods. If you want to attract Fae to your garden, leave them a gift outside.

These foods will attract Fae:

Milk and honey

Cake or cookies

A little butter or cream

2. Fae can’t resist anything shiny, colourful or glittery, so it helps if you place your faery gifts on decorated plate or in a colourful bowl.

3. Fae have some favourite flowers,







Plant some or all of these flowers in one part of your garden to create a micro-habitat for Fae. They also love ferns because they can rest and hide under the leaves.

Should you invite Fae into your home?

The short answer is no, you should not. Why? Because faeries and pixies like to cause trouble; this is their way of having fun. They will move or hide items in your home, and they will steal anything that is shiny! The best idea is to keep Fae in your garden, where they will take care of the flowers and plants.

However, if you invite a brownie into your home, he (they are usually male) will help keep your place clean and tidy. Some myths link brownies to Fae Folk, but other myths link them to elves or the goblin family. Brownies have some magical powers, but no wings and they look like little old men! We also mentioned these beings in the blog What is the Most Dangerous Creature in British Folklore?

Here are our Top Tips for attracting a brownie:

1. Leave some warm milk and bread by the fireplace.

(That’s all!)

There are more Don’ts than Do’s with brownies. If your little helper gets offended, he will leave and never return. If he gets angry, he might turn into a boggart (see this previous blog) and this is something you should avoid because boggarts are not nice!

Here is the list of things to remember if you want a healthy human-brownie relationship:

1. Do leave milk, honey, porridge, or bread by the fireplace each night so that he has something to eat. If you don’t have a fireplace, leave these foods by the oven.

2. Don’t spy on your brownie. Brownies are shy and like to work at night when everyone is asleep.

3. Don’t say ‘thank you’ to a brownie. He will get offended and leave!

4. Don’t offer your brownie new clothes. He has no interest in fashion.

5. Laziness will make your brownie annoyed. Brownies are helpful and they love to clean, but you should not let him do all the work. You’ll earn a brownie’s respect if you try to be clean and tidy too.

6. Finally, never, ever give your brownie a name. This will make him very angry and sometimes angry brownies can turn into boggarts!

And that’s all you need to know about attracting magical beings to you home and garden. How will you know you have a pixie or a brownie living with you? If your garden is blooming, if your house seems tidier than usual and if shiny items mysteriously disappear… you’ll know!

We hope you have enjoyed this blog. As always, you will progress more by reading, listening and practising your English so make sure you check out IQ Global for free resources and our YouTube channel. See you next time!

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