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What are the Most Popular and Easy-to-Make Dishes for Students in the UK in 2021?

Are you planning to study in the UK or any other country? Then this blog is just for you. In various different countries, there are different food options which are great for most people. However, as a student, your food and shopping list can be very complicated. As a student, you might have very limited time to make food and even more importantly you might have to live on a very tight budget. When it comes to food, we hope to give stop your restless night and give you some comfort by telling you what some popular foods are among students in the UK.

Two things are very important to students: time and money. Being able to get through cooking dinner or eating dinner in as little time possible is a big goal for students in general. Sticking to your budget is also something that students should keep in mind when they think of food and going out.

As a team who have experienced university life, we know it is wiser to make food at home rather than eating out every night. Your bank balance will definitely thank you! So we’d like to share our wealth of knowledge by mentioning some popular foods which are easy to make and can be cooked in larger quantities to freeze for another day.

Easy dishes that require limited time

Time is a very very important factor in the life of a student. When you are in your test period or when you have those very important papers due, making food might just seem like a waste of that precious time that is already limited. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. We made a list of foods which are really easy, quick to make and quite common among students in the UK.

1. Beans on toast

It’s all in the name, heat up some beans in the microwave and then pop them on a delicious, warm piece of toast. This is an old-time favourite among many students.

2. Pasta

This is probably the most obvious and delicious choice for students. It’s easy to make, it saves a lot of time, and the best part of all you can just heat it up for lunch the next day.

3. Noodles and rice

It is always a great idea to keep some extra rice or noodles in your fridge. You can add almost anything to these two and then BOOOMM you have a wonderful dish.

4. Scrambled eggs in the microwave

You heard that right! Try making scrambled eggs in the microwave. This will save you a lot of time and all that you need is a mug and a fork to master the dish (apart from the eggs of course).

5. Soup

Whether you are a fan of instant soup or the homemade soup that your grandma made, soup is always a great and quick meal that students love.

Food that you can make in large amounts

When it comes to saving time and money, making foods in larger quantities might just be perfect. Try making some dishes that you can pop into the fridge and warm up for anything up to a week after it has been made. We got a few of these long-lasting dishes which you can try when studying.

1. Minced beef

This is one of the most common foods for students worldwide. Make a big amount of minced beef which you can freeze and then warm up again to go with your rice or pasta.

2. Curries

These dishes can be frozen for quite some time. Whether you’re into Indian, Chinese, or any other form of curry, try to make some and freeze it for a great lunch or dinner during the week.

3. Dining out

When you are in the mood to go out and to have a nice meal, dining out is the best option. There are usually a lot of restaurants in the city close to your campus, so try some of them out and you might just be surprised at the great food that you can find in the UK.

Making food does not have to be too stressful or very time-consuming if you are a student. Keep these tips and dishes in mind when you visit the supermarket again.

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