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Red Nose Day

Comic Relief is a charity that raises money for projects in the U.K. and internationally. Every March, the charity holds a special day where people do funny things to make people laugh and raise money.

The charity was started by comedy writer, Richard Curtis, ad comedian, Lenny Henry, in 1985. They initially wanted to raise money to support people in Ethiopia where there was a famine.

Every year, Red Nose Day raises millions of pounds for good causes. Celebrities are often sponsored by the public to do silly stunts, which raises a lot of money. So far it has raised £1.4 billion!

Children in schools across the U.K. hold special fundraising days where they dress up, have bake sales and sponsor each other to complete challenges. Teachers also often do silly tasks to raise money like getting slimed or sitting in a bath of baked beans!

This year, Red Nose Day falls on Friday March 18th. People are already planning their fundraising and buying their red noses. What will you do?

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