This or That? A quick guide to talking about objects and events.

The words this and that appear in most languages, especially in Europe. This and that are:

Questo et quello in Italian, ceci et cela in French and esto y aquello in Spanish.

These two words are also in the top 30 most used words in English, so it is a good idea to learn how to use them!

The easiest way of using this and that is to talk about objects that are near or far. This for objects that are near and that for objects that are more distant.

But first, we are going to discover some situations where this and that are very useful.

1. Let’s start with an easy example - Shopping!

You will definitely use this or that to talk about things you want to buy.

For example – you have a choice of two jackets. The salesperson asks "Which one do you prefer?"

If you like the one close to you (nearby) you can say:

“I prefer this one.”

But if you like the jacket in the shop window you could say:

“I think I prefer that one”.