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Valentine’s Day

St Valentine‘s day started as remembrance of the patron saint, St Valentine, from the 3rd century.

However, from the Middle Ages, the day has been linked to love and romance. So what are the top ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the U.K.?


On Valentine’s Day, people send cards to those they love ❤️ It is also traditional to send cards to your secret crush and sign it with a ‘?’ or ‘from your secret admirer. Some people also send cards to family members to show them that they care. People often write poems or come up with clever plays on words to make the cards stand out.


Flowers, chocolates, teddy bears and jewellery are the most common gifts given on Valentine’s Day. The most traditional flower and the symbol of Valentine’s Day is the red rose 🌹 These can be given as a single stem or in a bunch of a dozen.


Couples often go out for a candlelit meal, drinks or to the cinema or theatre. This is a time when friends and family are not invited and the couple get to spend some special time together.

Kindness and Consideration

Valentine’s Day is a time to show people you care by doing things that will mean a lot to them. This could be anything from treating them to doing the housework so they don’t have to. It can also be about pampering them and giving them some relaxation time, like running them a nice hot bath!


St Valentine’s Day is also the most popular day for couples to get engaged as an expression of their love and lifelong commitment to each other.

How will you be celebrating this Valentine’s Day?

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