What are the best countries for vegan and vegetarian travel?

To answer this question, below we present you with 5 Fun Veggie Facts.

1. Currently, 14% of British people are vegetarian or vegan.

2. We call these diets ‘alternative lifestyles’ because they are different to the food and lifestyle of most other people.

3. In 2018, the UK released more vegan food than any other country!

Could the UK be the best destination for vegan and vegetarian travel?

4. You can’t eat honey or wear leather if you’re vegan. (Or anything else made from animals!)

5. So, which countries or places are the best for vegetarian and vegan travel? The UK is ranked #6 in the world (behind Israel, India, Taiwan, the USA, and Singapore).

Britain didn't make the Top 5 (yet!), but veganism is a growing trend in the UK. It is p