What is the most dangerous creature in British folklore?

You may know that Wales is famous for its red dragon, but did you know that the national animal of Scotland is a unicorn? The British Isles has hundreds of myths and legends starring fantastic beings and beasts.

In this first of two blogs on the topic, we’ll introduce you to five of the Top Ten Creatures in British Folklore.

What should you expect to find? The most unusual? The most dangerous? These categories are included, plus the most mysterious, and the cutest mythological creatures! Come with us on a journey, in the ultimate countdown of beasts and beings in British mythology (and at the same time, practice your superlatives!).

10. Most Famous: Loch Ness Monster.

Nessie, as it is known in the UK, has been the subject of much debate – does it exist, or not? The first sighting of this creature was in the 1870s when Dr MacKenzie claimed he saw something that looked like a dinosaur in the Loch. However, the story did not become news at that time.

In 1933, a couple was walking by the lake and claimed they saw a huge animal swimming in the water. Since then, marine scientists have studied the Loch but the monster has never been found…

9. Most Enchanting: Morgan Le Fay