How long is the average lunchbreak in the UK?


Fun fact: even though most people officially have a 30-minute lunch break, it is common in British work culture to take a shorter break. We agree, that’s just weird!

Brits also like to eat 'on the go'.

This means eating a sandwich or something similar whilst walking around, sometimes in the rain! Perhaps Brits could learn better a way to do lunch from the French, who usually take 2 HOUR lunch breaks!


So, we now know that the English have possibly the shortest lunch break in the whole of Europe. This means that breakfast must be a really important meal! Most of Britain eats breakfast at home before work or school. What breakfast foods are popular in the UK?

1. Cereals and porridge. Even though porridge is a traditional food of Scotland, it is commonly eaten all over the UK.

2. Toast! Britain is not only a nation of sandwich lovers, but toast too. Look out for a extra thick kind of toast in the north of England called a 'doorstop'!

3. Eggs four ways – boiled, scrambled, poached or fried. All four types of cooked eggs on toast are another favourite breakfast of the British.

4. The full English breakfast. We have saved the best until last because this is a national dish! The full English breakfast started in the Industrial Revolution because factory workers worked long hours and needed a big meal to help them survive the day.

If you have never made a full English breakfast b