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Summer in the U.K.

The sun may still not have decided to make an appearance, but summer is nearly upon us. For many, this is their favourite time of year, as temperatures rise and outdoor activities become popular. But what is it that people love about summer? Let’s take a look at some of the U.K.’s most popular summer activities.

The Barbecue

Barbecues, or BBQ as they are often abbreviated, are a type of outdoor grill for cooking dinner. They are normally fuelled by charcoal or gas. Popular foods include burgers, hotdogs and kebabs. Barbecue is used to describe the grill itself, the style of cooking, and also the social event of a summer garden party. Examples:

I cooked my dinner on the barbecue.

I like barbecue chicken wings.

Are you going to the barbecue?


In the summer, lots of people flock to the beach for sunbathing, swimming and water sports. It is a great place for families to spend the day as there is something to do for all ages. Kids love the ice cream and building sandcastles. If people live too far from the beach, lakes are also a popular destination.


Music festivals have been growing in popularity over the last couple of years. Some of the older festivals include Glastonbury and Reading, but now, smaller festivals are popping up all over the country to showcase local talent. Festivals are a fun time to camp with friends and family, and listen to some great music!

Outdoor Sports

In summer, sports normally increase and it is a great time of year to go out on a bike ride, take part in a team sport like football or hockey, or compete in athletics. Outdoor swimming is also popular if it is warm enough. This could be in a lake, river, the sea, or a lido, which is another name for a communal outdoor swimming pool.

Going on Holiday

Lots of people use the long summer holidays away from school to take a family vacation. This may be abroad, and popular destinations include France, Spain and Greece, which often have warmer summers than the U.K.. In recent years, staycations have become more popular, where people stay in their home country for a holiday.

We hope you have enjoyed this blog. As always, you will progress more by reading, listening and practising your English so make sure you check out IQ Global for free resources and our YouTube channel. See you next time!

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