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The 7 most popular British board games

Some people love board games, others loathe them, but it is safe to say that they can bring hours of entertainment and even assist with problem solving and logic. They can be fun and even assist with language learning, therefore it is important to play them every once in a while at least. Let’s look at 7 of the most popular board games in the UK that also test the language skills of the players.

1. Monopoly

A worldwide classic but also still very much a gem in the UK too! Monopoly is a multiplayer game created in 1903. It is considered one of the most popular board games. The game consists of playing on a board and two piles of cards to be drawn. The latter will determine a reward, an action to be performed or an expense to be paid. Monopoly is played with money. The bank is responsible for managing the money. Before starting, each player must choose a pawn to run on the board.


The game consists of building words with the letters assigned to each of the players. Scrabble is played on a giant crossword and is among the top games. The game consists of a board of 225 squares, 100 letters and 2 jokers. This game allows people to create words which are brilliant for language learners too. When a word is placed on the board, just add the sum of each letter. Note that there are letters that count double or triple. A dictionary must be available.

3. Cluedo

The game Cluedo Reinvention offers players the intrigue. Fixed the fact that players will need to find the killer and information about a billionaire who died during a gala. This is a detective game in which the goal is to use cards and pawns. The Cluedo Reinvention game includes a game board as well as character tokens. You can solve the puzzles with 66 personality cards.

4. Jenga

A game of skill in which you have to move the blocks one by one and put them back on top of the tower without causing it to collapse! This is more for those who enjoy a little thrill!

5. Cards against humanity

A party game for adults, based on the creation of satirical statements? What could possibly go wrong? This very popular group game, run by a card czar, encourages players to fill in risky or politically incorrect terms. The game doesn't end with victory, but with the encouragement to enjoy the process - or revel in the awkwardness. The premise is disarmingly simple.

6. Trivial Pursuit

An old classic! Such a favourite for many! It tests general knowledge and is generally a game for those who enjoy facts and information! You roll the dice clockwise and answer the question of the category you rolled. Now everyone tries to fill their game piece as quickly as possible with the coveted pursuits, the small reward pieces for answering a question correctly. There are various fields to be overcome. If one of you comes across a coloured field, they have to answer a question about the field colour.

7. Articulate!

This is one to test the language skills! You have to describe words from six different categories to their team as quickly as possible. It is a race against the clock to articulate as well as possible to win the point!

We hope you have enjoyed this blog. As always, you will progress more by reading, listening and practising your English so make sure you check out IQ Global for free resources and our YouTube channel. See you next time!

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