What are the top 5 creatures in British Mythology?

In the last blog, we discovered some beasts and beings in part one of the Top Ten Creatures in British Mythology. In this follow-up blog, we’ll find out who features in the top five, and which creature is at number one.

Can you guess before you reach the end? No cheating!

5. Sneakiest: Goblins The word goblin comes from the Greek ‘kobalos’ which means ‘rogue’. Goblins feature in many British myths and legends. They are malevolent beings, meaning they want to cause harm to other beings. In Scottish folklore, there is a type of goblin called a Redcap, which lives on the border between Scotland and England, usually in empty castles. Redcap goblins look for travellers who are lost and invite them to stay the night at their castle. Once a traveller enters the castle, the Redcap will kill him or her and dip its cap (hat) in the victim’s blood. This is why their cap is always red... and we should mention that Redcaps are fast. Don't even try to outrun one!

4. Most Annoying: Boggarts

Boggarts are part of Lancashire and Yorkshire folklore. They are related to bogeymen – evil creatures that cause trouble and steal children. Boggarts often attach themselves to a house. However, boggarts are not as helpful as brownies (see previous blog). In some myths they do housework but mostly, boggarts like to break things, throw objects across the room and slam doors.

If you ever see a horseshoe outside of an English home, it was put there to keep boggarts out!

3. Most Interesting: Selkie

Not many people have heard of this creature. They actually belong to British and Scandinavian Mythology. What is a selkie?